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MONGOLIA - Mongolia



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 Business - Single Entry Visa

Required Documents:

1. Passport with at least 6 months Valid on the date of entry & available blank pages for visa;

2. One properly completed Visa Application Form; Download

3. A recent passport-size photo (with white background); Mike Photo Services

4. An invitation of the receiving entity (state, government, non-governmental organization,
....business entity) or an official request of the sending organization or company;

5. Pickup & delivery Request Form Download if Needed;

6. Mailing Requrst Form Download if Needed;

7. Payment: (Please attach the proper payment with the application to avoid any delay)
....We accept Cash, Company Check (payable to Mike Consular Services), Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)
....Download.Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

1-2 days*
3 days*
5-10 days
Single Entry
Multiple Entry

All the price listed here is for the Canadian passport holders.

* - The Embassy has the right to offer the rush services or not.

Mongolia Embassy has the right to change all the prices and the time of issuing visa at any time



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